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Workers Compensation in Combination with Loss Control Strategies


Workers Compensation in Combination with Loss Control Strategies

Workers Compensation in Combination with Loss Control Strategies

Posted by on Nov 28, 2014 in Blog News

Rather than viewing workers compensation as an additional, required expense, it is important to view this financial safeguard as a benefit for both you and your employees. Workers compensation insurance is the best way to protect your employees in the event of an on the job accident. When you have workers compensation in combination with sound loss control and mitigation strategies, you can rest assured in the security of your organization.

In order to reduce workers compensation claims, you must enforce some form of strategy for controlling losses with a safer workplace environment. This includes conducting a risk assessment for your workplace. Perhaps your staff is not quite sure what the safety measures really are if they were improperly trained. Creating a safer work environment and reducing workers compensation claims may be as simple as emphasizing safety procedures in your training strategies.

We recommend adopting a data-driven analysis process that will allow you to identify any loss trends. In doing so, it is important that you conduct regular safety drills to remind employees the importance of eliminating hazards and conducting business according to safety regulations.

Additionally, many employers fail to realize their duty in informing employees of their rights when it comes to workers compensation. Upon hiring, it is recommended that you provide new employees with a pamphlet describing their rights and responsibilities if an incident occurs on the job. This will relieve any anxieties for both parties.

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