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What is Winery Insurance?


What is Winery Insurance?

What is Winery Insurance?

Posted by on Oct 27, 2014 in Blog News

Owning and running a winery may seem like one of the most relaxing jobs available. Although running a winery allows you to enjoy all the beauty of wine country, it is a highly demanding business that comes with serious responsibilities. Investing in the right winery insurance policy is the best way to ensure that your dream job does not turn into a nightmare.

Making a single bottle of wine is a very complicated and intricate process that involves many different steps. If one steps of the process goes wrong, it can severely reduce the amount of wine that is produced and the amount of profit that is made. Investing in a winery insurance policy that includes crop insurance can help to ensure that your winery is not financially devastated in case of weather or insects that ruin your grapes. It is important to keep in mind that crop insurance will only provide coverage while the grapes are on the vine. Once they are picked, you will need another insurance policy to provide coverage.

There are many different coverage options that are available for a winery policy to ensure that you have the right amount of coverage. Some of these other coverage options include:

  • Property insurance – which will provide coverage in case your grapes are stolen or if the vines are destroyed.
  • Business interruption insurance – which will provide coverage in case you are forced to stop production do to any number of named perils.
  • Liability insurance – which will provide coverage in case of a lawsuit that stems from injury or illness that is associated with your product.

For all your winery insurance needs throughout Southern California to ensure your dream job is protected from any number of perils, contact Brown & Brown Insurance Services of California, Inc., with locations in Goleta and Agoura Hills.