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Developing a Cyber Emergency Response Plan


Developing a Cyber Emergency Response Plan

Developing a Cyber Emergency Response Plan

Posted by on Nov 7, 2014 in Blog News

Data breach numbers are continuing to rise, emphasizing the importance of obtaining cyber insurance. However, purchasing this vital form of protection is not the only step. In order to feel confident in the security of your business, you must enforce sound risk management procedures.

A major issue surrounding data breaches is that many employees assume that the only way hackers can invade is by slyly making their way into the computer system. In actuality, there are a variety of ways a data breach can occur, including improper disposal of sensitive data, physical theft of devices with secure information, or even cyber extortion, which involves requesting ransom for the return of sensitive information.

Cyber preparedness does not end when you purchase a cyber insurance policy. Before a data breach occurs, you will want to establish a comprehensive cyber emergency response plan for employees to follow. This plan should include safe habits for reducing the risk of a data breach, as well as a detailed outline for the proper way to respond to a data breach.

However, formulating and distributing this plan may not be enough. It is important that you conduct cyber emergency drills so that your entire workforce can feel confident in their ability to react. In conducting this drill, you will want to play out a hypothetical cyber scenario to ensure that employees react according to guidelines. Additionally, you will want to train your employees in safe cyber habits. This means explaining to them the importance of using unique passwords that do not resemble any obvious information, such as the company name or establishment date.

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